RFA V1 Specifications

Ideal For your Industry

Our refractometer has many applications in different industries, however, the most demanded industry are the food and beverage industries. Our refractometer is used in those industries in the production or/and in the quality control of the final product. 

The RFA V1 is designed to satisfy the needs of the industries who works with fluids and/or semitransparent materials. One of the biggest industries who works with those materials are the Food and beverage industries that need to test the samples that are mostly a mixture of sugar and water and our refractometer is very useful in that area.

Automatic & Non-Contact System

The RFA V1 uses an automized system to measure the properties of the sample. The sample that is going to be measured is never touched. It is never polluted. With our software, it will measure automatically way the refraction index and the results will be as requested by clients.

Endless screw

Usage of Optical Fibers

The usage of the technology of optical fibers in our product reduces the time of lecture up to 8 times faster than a normal ABBE refractometer. 

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Customizable Software & Tech 4.0

The operator can customize the software of their refractometer depending on the needs of the industry.

You can decide in which scale you want to measure (refractive index or/and brix scale).

Also you can decide if you want to administrate the measurements that the refractometer did during the day,week,month or year. And if some sample goes over the limits stablished by the quality politics we can send a warning immediately to the boss or the people in charge in that area.

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Precision Quality Measurement 

RFA V1 can measure up to (10)^-4 refraction units, 99% BRIX units. It can also measure alcohol % on a sample, density, and detect pollution.

Laser @632nm, 0.2mW

Measuring time: 2 seg

Stepper motor 50 micras per step with encoder

Maximum travel of the screw: 12mm

Refractive index Range: 1.2 a 1.6 RIU

Easy to Clean

It is very easy to clean, you only need to clean your container where the sample goes. And in order to clean the lenses, an specialist of our team, is going to your place and give maintenance to the refractometer.

Temperature Correction

The RFA V1 works with room temperature, there is no need to heat it up.