Thermo Skold

G-Cover Thermo Skold is water base industrial coating with anticorrosive, thermal insulation & waterproof properties, designed for roofs of any material.

100% Waterproof and anticorrosive

Uncomparable water-repellent protection, it prevents the flow of water in 100%, thanks to its flexibility of 400%

Thermal insulation

It blocks the transmission of temperature, reducing the heat of the roof up to 20%.

UV Refraction

Refracts the 82% of the UV rays, reducing damage to materials and equipment.

Save Energy

With just 1 application of 0.5mm of thickness, you would have a 62% energy savings

Fireproof Evidence

Tank coatings


  • Up to 50% of energy savings
  • Reduces temperature up to 30º C sheet surfaces
  • 100% waterproof in concrete surfaces
  • Fireproof, effective protection against heat and fire 
  • Easy application in any surface
  •  Protects from humidity and saltpeter as it is waterproof

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